I have HD?  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I watched Heroes last night in full 1080i HD, it was glorious.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I just discovered this weekend that I have HD.  We changed to the cable company DVR a few months back from our replayTV unit in the living room.  When the guy installed it, he said they (Charter) sent a HD capable box out for our install.  If I ever wanted to have HD I just needed to call and have it turned on.  I still could not justify the cost for it so I was like, whatever.  Well when my inlaws were here for the holiday, I noticed my brother in law was watching football on one of the HD channels with no problem or need to subscribe notice on the screen.  I went in the DVR and my TV setup and changed everything over to the 1080i settings and was presented with a beautifuly crisp, detailed picture of the football game.  I quickly discovered I get all of the network channels that offer HD plus ESPN but none of the expanded cable HD channels like Discovery.  But, football, Heroes, The Unit, Prison Break and 24 all come in fine in HD, how sweet is that!


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