Thanksgiving Pictures  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

Thanksgiving was a blast. Here are a couple of quick pictures we snapped over the past couple of days that I really liked.

I love this picture of my girls. It still sounds weird for me to say that. This picture is so good, my beautiful wife and sweet baby girl. I can't get over how blessed I am to have them in my life.

We incorporated Star Wars into Thanksgiving this year. Ethan loves Star Wars and I've been talking to him about watching the original movies. We were at my parents house on Thanksgiving day and watched Episode IV on Dad's 100" HD screen with the boys. They loved it an we ended up watching Episode V on Friday and Episode VI today. There were many questions asked and answered with puzzled looks, especially regarding the whole Anikin is Darth Vader who is Luke's dad bit since Ethan has been introduced to Star Wars from the Clone Wars. He starting to grasp it though and is really get into it. This picture was taken yesterday evening as him and Cousin Evan watched The Empire Strikes Back.

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