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For those that don't know, I am a huge Heavy Metal fan.  I'm not talking about Motley Crue, Guns N Roses or even Iron Maiden.  I'm talking about fast, heavy, hardcore, melt your skull, start a mosh pit kind of heavy.  I know I am in a very small percentage of the general population in my musical taste, most people question whether the music I play is music at all.  This isn't new to me, I'm used to it.  Over the past few years there has been a huge resurgence in the quantity and quality of metal bands across all genres but especially in the Christian metal space.  The first real concert I ever went to was Stryper, who for their time, was a pretty good band in the glam band, hair metal scene but were still not up to par musically with their "secular" counterparts.  This has been mostly true of Christian metal until the last few years.  It seems like there is a new Christian metal band coming out every few weeks that is not just good in the Christian space, but are as good or better than any metal band from any genre.  I love it, this should be the model for everything we as Christians do.  Too often we end up being the best in the Christian realm but not up to par with mainstream non-Christian counterparts.   Anyway, I am going to start posting some of my top metal picks for the 2% of my readers who also enjoy heavy metal.  Not sure of the frequency, it will probably be as I am listening and a band stands out or song speaks to me.  Comment if you enjoy any of these.


The first song I am going to mention is Redemption by August Burns Red.  They are at the top of the metal game and shred like nobody else on my playlist.  Their music is brutal and the lyrics are amazing.  Here are the lyrics from "Redemption".


I trust in you for life to live, and air to breath.
Purity fills my lungs.
I no longer live in solitude.
No longer bound.
My heart beats with great devotion.
This is the start to a new beginning.
On my knees praying for mercy.
Hands raised high, humble and broken. Wanting your grace.
Wanting your security.
Memories of laying facedown, motionless, with such a hollow feeling inside.
Soon I would end this life I was living.
I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands.
I am a fallen victim.
Lord, show me the way. I ask of you Father, let my words be your words.
Let my thoughts be your thoughts.
To you, I give my praise.
Show me the way. Take me in your arms. Never let me go.
Lord, show me the way, as I give myself to you.
Never let me go.
Hold me with your everlasting love.
Be my strength. Be my voice. Be my glory. Set me free.


Want to listen to the full song?  Here it is from youtube with the lyrics imposed over the music.  This song just gets me going!  Enjoy.


Awesome post, I'm in that same boat with one around me really likes this kinda of music except for me and my brother.

Awesome song by the way, love August Burns Red.

I caught a drumstick of Jordan's from As I Lay's awesome.

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