Mario from Hell  

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For those of you that grew up playing 8bit NES and think you know how to play SMB. Take all the secrets you know about it and throw them out the window. Check out this hacked version, took the guy like 30 lives to get through 1-1. I would have smashed the machine way before then.

This makes me Happy  

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I read this story on Christmas Eve. GPS Nativity and thought, man thats a lot of $ to track those figures. They must really have a bad problem with this.

This morning I'm reading my news feeds and this story comes up. Baby Jesus found. Looks like their investment paid off. Idiot lived across the street too. Ha Ha! I love dumb criminal stories.

Pulled the trigger  

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I ordered a 80GB Zune last night. I've been wanting a Zune since they came out but 30GB was not enough storage. When they announced the 80Gb model, it went straight to the top of my Christmas wish list. After poking around looking at pricing I opted to order direct from Microsoft. It was a couple of dollars more than Amazon but Microsoft was offering free custom engraving on the back. I'll post the pics when it arrives, I'm pumped. Now I've got to find all the accessories I need for it.

I love my church  

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Finally, I'm back at church.
I've been a few time over the past few months when we were back in town but I've really felt like a visitor. Today I wasn't just there for the service, I was serving. It's amazing to me how it feels so different now. 2 years ago, I never would have imagined feeling this way about church. I grew up going to church, against my will for the latter part of my teen years and never felt like I was getting something out of it. Now, after being gone from it for close to three months and feeling what it's like to know it's your church home, but not really being able to serve. Man, how can people come weekly and not be involved serving in some type of role? You aren't really getting what God wants you to if you aren't serving.


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For the regular readers of my blog, all .5 of you, you know I have a serious phone issue. I'm in the cellular industry and have been through almost every type of smartphone since the monochrome Treo 170. I have been a smartphone advocate from day one and have preached the merits of them to many a poor soul who had to suffer through my sermon. For those of you on the fence about smartphones, read this article. It sums up everything I've ever wanted to say about the good of smartphones in one concise, shut up and listen article. It's the way of the future man, deal with it.

Back in Daytona  

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I'm not thrilled about being back in Daytona for the next couple of days, but this makes it a little better.

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7 Minutes of Childhood Joy  

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End of the Worlds Energy Problems - Maybe  

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Check this out from Popular Science, Oil from Anything. Man if this technology works, it really will be like back to the future where Doctor Brown comes back to visit Marty and is refueling the DeLorean with garbage. How sweet is that! And you can already buy a Flux Capacitor! Time travel is Here! Maybe I can hook up the Flux Capacitor to my Jetpack and power it with garbage.

New Goal in Life  

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My new goal in life is to be able to afford one of these. It's going for a cool $226K, I've got some work to do. It will apparently travel 16KM on one charge. I think I'm going to move closer to the office. "Honey, did you remember to charge my jetpack last night?"

Turkey Run  

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I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but I'm terrible about regular blogging. The Turkey Run was in Daytona a couple of weeks ago and it was one of the cooloest things ever. I dig choppers and was excited when Biketoberfest was here but this was much better. It's like the largest car show and swap meet in the country and there was a non-stop barrage of some of the coolest and rarest cars you can imagine tooling around the city for a good solid week. I took Ethan over to the main show at the speedway on Saturday for a few hours and only saw maybe 1/4 of the vehicles there. I was dumbfounded at the sheer size of the show. Here is a link to my picture album from the show, enjoy the cars.

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