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I've seen some very strange stuff in Daytona but I think this takes the cake.

I can't help but wonder if the bar opens before or after the service? Maybe they have wait staff that takes orders and serves during the sermon. Imagine what it's like for communion! Hey, maybe they use bourbon instead of wine, I'd be down for that. I mean wine, grape juice, bourbon, it's the meaning that that's important right?

All I know is that they have come up with a great way to overcome terrible preaching, just keep the drinks flowing and everybody's happy. And with the margins on liquor, I bet they they have a pretty good building fund going. I'm still trying to figure out how the city approved their liquor license and lets them keep their non-profit status. Either way, guess where I'll be Sunday.


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Well, we survived Biketoberfest. I will admit we were a little worried but it all turned out fine and we got to see some cool bikes and some other interesting sights as well. Ethan had a blast checking out all the cool rides and standing on the balcony watching the masses of bikes roll up and down A1A. Maybe we didn't enjoy as much the loud pipes at 2am but all in all it was a cool experience. Check out my pics of the bikes on display at the speedway here. The bike shown above was my favorite, very old school style built using modern technology. Check out the killer engraving on the engine covers and leather. Enough commentary, enjoy the pics!

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Temporary Residence  

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I meant to post this weeks ago. Some of you may or may not know I'm working out of town for a while. I managed to score a sweet place with a good view, check it out. This from my balcony looking northeast, to the northwest (not shown) is A1A and a view of the intercoastal. I only wish we had gotten a southern view so we could see the shuttle launches from our balcony, they are still good to watch from the beach though, I can't complain ;)

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What's on the tube?  

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I've been slow to post lately, just haven't been feeling the posting bug. My wife reminded me that my last post was a month ago. Ok, let's get something going. I always think, "I should post about this or that" but i'm never near a computer when it happens and don't remember it when I do. Well, i'm sitting on the couch watching TV and here we are.
I'm watching Last One Standing. Anybody else watching this madness? The show is in it's 3rd episode on Discovery Channel. 6 guys from various parts of the world and various backgrounds are traveling around the world and spending around a week with various tribes and villages to learn their culture and compete in their tribal rituals and competitions. The episode I'm watching is these guys in the mountains of Mexico, running a marathon length race through the mountains. They are running in sandals made from old tire treads through rocks, hills, cactus, poisonous spiders and rattlesnake territory all while kicking a wooden ball back and forth with their teammates. It's brutal, but makes for good TV.
Last week they learned how to Stick Fight with the African Zulu tribe. They trained for 6 days and then fought with the rest of the tribe in a traditional batlle between rival villages at a tribal wedding. Some of the fighters were leaving with split open heads and bruised and fractured bones. I think that would have been my favorite challenge so far. I always managed to have fun in close quarters type adrenaline charged fits of fury for no good reason. I have friends that can attest, it's fun sometimes to let your testosterone go wild as long as no one gets hurt too bad.

On another topic, how good is Bionic Woman? I love that show. I think it is now my second favorite behind Heroes. Life is pretty good too, it's not quite top 5 status yet but if Prison Break doesn't pick it up it will be.
My top 5 network TV shows?
1. Heroes
2. Bionic Woman
3. The Office
4. Journeyman
5. Prison Break (Sucks this season but I can't dump it yet)

FYI - the funniest show on TV is on HBO. Curb your Enthusiasm makes me laugh more than any show I have ever seen but is not for the faint of heart.

And that's what I'm watching, you're welcome. Later.

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