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Posted by Stephen Lowe

I'm don't usually go to the movies, I'm more of a wait till the DVD comes out and sit on my couch with a cheap drink kind of guy. Somehow I managed to see 2 new movies over the last week or so and thought I'd share.

My wife and I had date night last week and went originally to see Evan Almighty but when we got to the theater I was in the mood for something a little darker and Steph must have been too so we decided to check out 1408. I like John Cusack and the previews looked pretty good. I'm glad we went, man what a roller coaster ride. The movie was nuts, it was all over the place and you could never tell what was going to happen next. It wasn't the kind of gruesome horror flick you would think, it was more of a suspense/horror type film. Nobody was getting disemboweled but you were definitely jumping out of your seat.
Cusack plays a guy who lost his daughter to some type of disease and was looking for proof of the afterlife by visiting all of these supposed "Haunted" locations across the country and writing books based on his findings. While he found a bunch of places that were quite creepy, he never saw anything ghostlike or haunted. So he finally hears about this one room at a hotel in New York, 1408, that is haunted and goes to check it out. Samuel L. Jackson plays the hotel manager and hasn't let anyone stay in the room for years due to the constant deaths/suicides from when anyone stays there. Cusack thinks it's a gimmick to keep people coming to the hotel and persuades Jackson to let him stay. That's when the fun ensues as the room is decidedly evil and takes Cusack on a bizarre journey, physically and emotionally abusing him to the breaking point. Great flick if your into being scared, I'd say 7 out of 10.

All I can say is Awesome! When I originally heard on a website someone was making a Transformers movie, I thought, that is going to be terrible. I couldn't imagine how my favorite childhood toys could be properly portrayed in a movie format and come out right. Not long after that first tidbit I got another nugget of info that changed my perspective, a lot. I read that not only is the movie really coming to the big screen but, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are involved in Directing/Producing. Wow, that could change things. So now I'm pretty interested in seeing what comes from this and keep my ears open for more news. A few months later a "Leaked" clip of the movie shows up on a website and as soon as I see it I'm hooked. Full on jonseing out to see this flick, the effects look spectacular and the robots are incredible.
The movie itself was great, they came up with a decent storyline without going overboard about why the Transformers are here and then went into a good hour and a half of some of the coolest action scenes and computer animation I have ever seen. I mean come on man, it's Optimus Prime and Megatron in full hand to hand and gun blazing glory in the middle of a downtown block, standing 4 stories tall going at it Bay and Spielberg style. You can't go wrong with this movie, whether you are fan of the franchise or not, if you like action and amazing special effects, you'll love this movie. 9 out of 10.

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