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So I disconnected from BES server on my blackberry a few weeks ago and have all my stuff syncing with google now. It's working great, no problems. I'm paying an extra $15 a month for BES server access on my phone plan and am thinking about dropping it back to the standard data service. If I'm doing that, do I really need a blackberry or just a phone that can do email and stuff seamlessly? This is not helping, I want it, bad. Will be released on sprint in the next few weeks, oh so sweet looking. Looks like Palm is back in the game.

Infectious Grooves  

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I need to get Tony a stethoscope.

8-bit Memories  

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Total Brilliance. I would say that anybody who's anybody in their mid 30's knows exactly what this is. I could put this code in so fast it was unbelievable. You had to be really quick on the Contra screen. Who's with me on this?

Visual DNA  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

Last night I got out the electric trimmers and gave Ethan and myself a haircut. My head feels liberated, I love a fresh cut. While I was cutting Ethan's hair it was so apparent to me that he was truly my son. He has a goofy cowlick on the front of his hairline on one side that makes it hard to cut his bangs straight, exactly like I do. He has a huge gap between his two front teeth that I can guarantee braces will not correct, because I have the same gap in my teeth that is somewhat hidden by building up ceramic to fill the gap. I'm a pretty laid back guy and E is the same way, unless you wake him up from a nap, then he turns into his mom. There are a bunch of other things but these are just a few of the things that are an outward indication that he is from me. This got me thinking about how God is our heavenly father and we were created in his image. I think sometimes it is hard for people to see that though, in themselves as well as others. We tend to cover and hide these things with what we want to be and not what He wants us to be.

We should take a look at ourselves in the mirror, with fresh eyes and ask the question. Is it obvious to anyone who looks who my Father really is?

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