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Posted by Stephen Lowe

  • Service today Fusion rocked the house.  We started Fanatic this week which is a series about worship.  Seth and the band had the place rockin like I've never seen.  It was the most amazing worship experience I've ever seen at our Church.
  • Tony did a great job bringing it today too.  I don't think anyone left Fusion today wondering what the importance of worship is.
  • Looking forward to Thanksgiving, ready to chow down majorly.
  • I finished reading The Shack this week.  It was very good, I highly recommend it.  Listening to the afterward of how the book was written and the chain of events leading to it getting published and becoming such a huge success was as interesting as the book to me.  Check it out.
  • I spent the last half of the week with my friend and business partner at his lake house building a boat lift in his boat house for his jet skis.  I considered it a house rental payment as he lets us use the place whenever we want for nada.  The jet skis usually stay on the trailer and have to be shuttled back and forth to the closest boat ramp.  Now they will be safe and secure in covered storage on the water for easy access.  Check out the pictures of our handy work here.  It was a lot of work but we had a great time just hanging out and cutting up.  The funniest part of the trip ended up being the 8 trips back and forth to the hardware store to get all the stuff we needed to finish the job.
  • On the way home from the lake house, while in the left lane on I-285 doing about 80 MPH a lady in lane next tom me decided to get over on top of the car in front of me.  It made for some excitement as I tried to slow my truck, watch the pinball car action in front of me, look for people in the lanes next to me who might freak out and ram me and watch my rearview for the 20 other vehicles behind me going 80 that were shooting in different directions around each other trying to stop.  Luckily no one was injured and no additional accidents that we were aware of happened.  We hung out for about 20 minutes waiting for the police to give our statements to and then got back on the road.  Check out the picture of the CARnage here.
  • I have started watching The Unit and am disappointed I hadn't watched it before now.  I think it might be my favorite show on TV right now, seriously, it's up there with Heroes.
  • I'm excited about 24, I think.  I'm just glad it's not all happening in California, apparently the writers realized things might happen in other areas of the word.  I mean, come on, what area couldn't use a little Jack Bauer?
  • Good beef jerky is hard to find, when you do find it, get a lot and don't eat it all at once.  Also, have dental floss handy.
  • Chocolate milk should only be made with nesquik powdered mix and mixed to a consistency that makes it crunchy.  Just my opinion.
  • This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a long time.  Who is buying this?
  • I got some new coffee called Jet Fuel, it's good.
  • Got a big short week ahead, plan on cramming a lot into a short time period.  Should be fun.


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