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Posted by Stephen Lowe

I am blogging from a new browser, Google Chrome. So far it's very cool. Super clean interface, very fast and responsive. It was just released as a beta today so time will tell how well it really works. Most of Googles beta stuff I've used is pretty solid anyway so it should be good to go. If I can just get all my plugins from firefox in this interface it would be perfect.

I also installed Digsby today. It combines all of my IM accounts, email, twitter and social networking into one interface. Very nice so far, now I dont have 3 or 4 different apps running to monitor all these things. One of the best features is you have 1 digsby login and the system remembers all your settings and account info for you. This is especially nice when you use multiple machines as I do. I set it up once with everything and then just login on any machine and have access to all my accounts.


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