Labor Dumpage  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

We had a great labor day weekend filled with a mix of fun, leisure and a bit of real labor. Here's some quick dumpage of the weekend.

- We went to the park on Saturday morning and I brought my skateboard with me. It was a blast, I forgot how much I like riding and Ethan was learning a bit too. We'll definitely be doing that again.
- I cooked some steaks on the grill Saturday night and it's obvious it's time to look for a new grill. I have not been happy with evenness of the heat for a while and I ended up having to use the microwave post-grilling, I was not a happy chef. Any body seen any sales on grills?
- Sunday at Fusion was very cool. We had Paul Peterson come in and teach for us and he did an incredible job. Considering this was the third time he has taught in the past year, I can't imagine how good he will be when he is in the groove bringing it every week. Cincinnati, watch out!
- Sunday night we went to the laser show at Stone Mountain. We got there about 3 hours before showtime and there was about 4 square inches of unused lawn left. Amy saved our bacon and had some room to fit us in on their blanket village. The highlight of my night though, was when Chad and I dominated Seth and Ashley in a wheel barrow race to some random dudes cooler and I ate grass in the process. Amy and her crew left as soon as the show was over and we hung out to watch the mass exodus. We were able to snap this pic before heading out.

- Things are getting weird on the baby front. Stuffs happening and we are praying Brennan doesn't decide to make an early appearance. Just gotta hold her in till the 25th, right Babe?
- Anybody else following NASCAR? Check my prior post from February of this year here. I hardly ever get to be right.
- We start a new series on Sunday called Alive. I think it's going to change lives in a huge way, don't miss it!
- Heroes starts in 3 weeks, can't wait!

I'm out, time to hit the sack. It's going to be a crazy week, gotta fit 5 days of stuff into 4.


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