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We finished up our 3 week women's series, Beautiful yesterday and I believe it was a huge success.  We had record numbers all 3 weeks and I think the women were really blessed by the message.  If you missed any of the messages from Pastor Tony or just want to hear them all, click here to visit our site to download them as a podcast.  Here is a quick re-cap of the things we did specifically to make this a memorable series for the ladies.


Week 1 - Message Title "From the Inside Out"

Pre-Service - Cappuccino and Custom Coffee Bar, this was staffed by the company and they served a ton of awesome looking and tasting drinks to the ladies before the service.  Pastries, we had gourmet style pastries and breakfast items to compliment the cappuccino in addition to the regular donuts and coffee.  We had live piano being played by Jaxon in the lobby as well to add a classy feel.

During Service - Piano, we remodeled an old piano to be transportable week to week to create a more cozy, keyed down worship experience, coldplay style.  Seth rocked it and we had an amazing guest female vocalist in house. 

After Service - T-shirts, we gave out custom Beautiful t-shirts to all the ladies on the way out of the service.


Week 2 - Message Title "Views of True Beauty"

Pre-Service - Crepe bar, we had a service that caters crepes come in and cook to order breakfast or desert style crepes in the lobby, is was fantastic!  They wore big poofy chef hats and everything.  Carved Fruit display, we had a huge table of custom carved fruit in the center of the lobby as well, it looked like it belonged on a cruise ship.  We even had the Beautiful logo and fusion logo carved into a couple of the watermelons.  Jason, Shannon and Sheryl did an amazing job on this.  Jaxon played in the lobby again as well.

During Service - Piano, Seth rocked the piano again and we had another guest female vocalist. 

After Service - Bracelets, we made silicone Beautiful embossed bracelets in pink to give to all of the ladies and made smaller sized ones to give to all of the little girls in the children's area.


Week 3 - Message Title "Restoring Broken Beauty"

Pre-Service - Edible arrangements, we brought in a number of edible arrangements as the centerpiece of the lobby, chocolate dipped fruit on a stick, beautifully arranged is always a hit.  We also had large Hershey bars with custom Beautiful wrappers handed out at the door on the way in.

During Service - Piano rocking and guest female singer.  We purchased 2 Coach purses for Tony to use as an illustration.  To the shock and horror of all the ladies in the crowd, he destroyed one of them onstage with scissors and a permanent marker and then produced the other one unscathed to finish the point.  I don't think the ladies will soon forget that.  Mirrors, we had custom engraved compacts to hand out to all the ladies.  They had the word Beautiful engraved in the metal on the back and the tops were pink and chrome and the design actually matched the series graphics.  These were a huge hit and really upped the wow factor.


We had a great time planning all the stuff and definitely had some interesting challenges to overcome to pull it all off.  The staging and set design looked amazing and was very elegant.  Everything fit together nicely and the theme seemed to flow smoothly through all parts of the series from the time you entered the lobby until you left.  This was probably our best execution of a theme, ever.


And probably most expensive. :)

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