E's getting Schooled  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

Ethan started his first day of school today. Technically yesterday was the first day but it was short and included moms so I'm thinking it doesn't really count. I wasn't there when E got dropped off today but Steph said he was so excited he tried to sprint to his class as soon as the van door opened. She is sad to see her baby all grown up and going to school. It will probably take a few days for her to get past that and start to enjoy her new found freedom which will come to a close sometime around the 25th of this month as we welcome Brennan into the family.

As for me, I'm just hoping he follows a better path in school than I did and can stay out of trouble. I know kids are always coming up with new tricks but I was pretty crafty in my day when it came to getting in trouble. Hopefully that will come in handy the older he gets and I have to outwit, outsmart and outplay him in the game of adolescent survivor. Time will tell. For now he is a cute, innocent, curious boy always having fun and bringing joy to my heart. These are the times to treasure.


Yeah, I hope he doesn't get caught smoking behind the pre-school! :) Sorry babe, had to say it!!

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