Tool Concert  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I went to the Tool concert at Gwinnett Arena last night. Unbeleivable, thats the only thing I can say. Musically, this was the best concert I have ever been to. I've seen a lot of shows that have had better stage shows but no one can compare to the musical talent of this band. I go to concerts quite frequently and I have never seen or heard a performance like that before in a live setting. I literally felt like I was in the recording studio with 15000 other people. The sound was incredible and the band was so tight playing together. I've been a long time fan of the band and seeing them pull off the music in a live setting so cleanly and true to the original album was just amazing. I love the fact that these guys know what they do well and they just do it. The lead singer came out and said hello Georgia, then they jammed for 2 hours, took a bow and left. It was perfect. I hate when musicians try to use the stage to spew their political and social beliefs on a large crowd, I pay to hear the music not your ranting. Hats off to the sound guys at the arena but they need to work on the traffic control. The show sold out in 3 minutes and that was the most people I have ever seen at that arena. I sat in the parking lot after the show for an hour before we even moved. Considering it's on Sugarloaf Pkwy and 1/4 mile from I85 there shouldn't be this kind of problem getting people out of there. I can't complain though, I would sit in traffic for hours to see these guys play again!


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