D5 Conference and Google's World Domination  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I guess normal people out there are probably not following the D5 conference very closely but for those who are or who are interested in technology and the future of it, check out the site Here. Some of the best things I've seen from there so far are the hour and a half interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sitting side by side on stage, really cool to see these two interact with each other as they were asked questions, check it out Here. Also the video intro done by Steven Colbert for Viacom President, Philippe Dauman was hysterical. There was definitely some jabbing going back and forth between Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and Dauman from Viacom. You can tell they have a business relationship but there is some bad blood there.

On the Google front, they announced yesterday their new app called Google Gears, which is being downplayed by Google and a lot of other bloggers in my mind. Everybody is writing about being able to view their Google reader feeds after syncing their browser from anywhere when not connected. I second that but people are missing the big picture. If you watch the Jobs Gates interview mentioned above, they both comment on connecting the "rich" devices with the cloud and how we are not there yet, how we need full blown PC's to do editing of documents and such because to use web apps you have to have a connection. Well no more, Google has taken that notion and thrown it out the window, these guys are always playing catchup to Google. The Google announcement clearly states Gears works with Google Apps which is the doc and spreadsheet programs and I'm guessing their forthcoming presentation software as well. Now you can use Google apps from 30000 feet with no internet connection and just sync your data later. This should be a huge warning light for Microsoft as this has been one of the biggest hurdles in my mind of exclusively using the service. I told one of my business partners over 5 years ago that Google was going to take over the world, every time I turn around they are bringing a new product to market that sets them above everyone else in the market place.

I just love getting geeked out by tech stuff, so many cool new devices and technologies are starting to turn up it's hard to stay on top of them all. What a cool age to live in!


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