R. L. Graham Zulu-2 Holster Review  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I finally received my new Zulu-2 Holster for my KelTec P3AT 380. I say finally because I ordered the holster on November 28 2006 and received it about 2 weeks ago (mid May). I understand custom holsters take some time and I went into the purchase knowing that but man, 6 months? Anyway, all complaints with delivery times aside, the holster is fantastic. The quality of craftsmanship is excellent, I expect this holster to last a really long time.

I spent a good deal of time looking for the perfect holster to use for daily concealed carry. I knew I wanted a pocket holster but most of the ones I looked at were either designed for the front or the back pocket, not both. The Zulu-2 combines the best of 3 worlds, front and rear pocket as well as belted carry.

The anti-print panel snaps onto the holster to help conceal the outline of the gun while in your back pocket and comes off to put the gun in your front pocket.

The back side of the anti print panel is rough finish to help grip the inside of your pocket making drawing the weapon easier.

These show the gun in the holster, it fits very snugly and the shape of the anti-print panel covers the edges of the gun perfectly. The holster wears excellent and is less obtrusive in my back pocket than my actual wallet. From the back it looks just like you have a wallet in your pocket. i have only used it in my front pocket once and it functioned perfectly there as well. The belt loop tabs stick out and give the holster a flat bottom to keep the gun verticle in you front pocket, no fumbling to get to it if needed. i have yet to actually carry on my belt but i have put it on to check it out. The way the loops are cut it gives the gun a natural forward "FBI Style" tilt making drawing the weapon easier as well as bringing the butt closer to your body for added concealment.

All in all, I would highly recommend this holster if you are looking for pocketed carry with the option to carry belted. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. Visit http://www.palehorseholsters.com for the full line of R. L. Graham leather products.


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