Goodbye Windows Mobile  

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I dumped my Treo 700wx today. After weeks of problems, and a replacement unit that still wouldn't work, I was done. I'm a die hard Treo fan, I've had almot every model made, back to the monochrome flip top device and have always had great luck with them. The 700wx was not the first Windows Mobile device I've had, I had a PPC6700 before that but missed the keyboard on the front of the device. I never had a real issue with Palm OS but when we got Exchange running in house and found out about the integrated push technology via Over the Air Activesync I had to switch. Two devices later and now you can sync palm with the same technology over the air, it doesn't sync tasks but that is something I don't need instantly. So today I went to the Sprint store and picked up the new Treo 755p. Within minutes of changing my service over I had all of my contact, calendar events and email synced with the phone, wirelessly. So now I've got 30 days to try the phone and see if I really want to keep it, but so far I would definitely say yes. The phone itself seems much snappier and quicker to respond and hey, i haven't had to reboot it yet! The real test will be full on daily usage of the device, I hammer the phone and email all day, my cell is my primary phone. I am digging all of the software that came preinstalled on the device out of the box and I am excited about getting back into the palm world of 3rd party apps, the list is much larger than WM apps. I'll report back in a few days on the progress.


Maybe I should call and leave you a voicemail to see if you actually get it! I hope this phone works out better. Love you ~ Steph

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