Time Out  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I got put in time out last night by my 2 year old. I was barely able to keep a straight face the whole time. We were playing in the play room and I was throwing this big rubber ball up in the air and it landed on the train table making a loud noise. My wife kinda scolded me for setting a bad example and my son says "no throw ball on table". I said "yeah, dada was bad", he then said "dada bad, go time out there" and pointed to an empty spot on the wall. I didn't have a whole lot of choice, I went in time out and he came over a minute or to later and made me say I was sorry.

It's good to see that the whole concept has really sunk in with him. He gets it, I just gotta watch myself now, I was always the trouble maker growing up. Now I've got my wife and kid to keep me straight.


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