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Posted by Stephen Lowe

I am reading The Leadership Pipeline as well as Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and you wouldn’t think they would have much in common but they do. There is a saying that goes something like “Everyone can Manage, Few can Lead”. Being a leader requires you to have a vision for where you want to go, and getting buy in from the people you manage to help you accomplish that vision. Being a leader requires you to be committed to that vision, never wavering even when times get tough. Being a leader requires wisdom that is much greater than what you posses, gaining this wisdom requires time in prayer, study and fellowship with others wiser than you. Being a leader requires courage to make tough decisions, even when that decision is unpopular with the majority.

The same is true of raising children; any random dude can be a Dad, everyone reading this knows how to make a baby (I hope). It takes a lot more focus and effort to be a parent than it does to just have some kids.

You have a vision for what type of person you want your children to be, getting them to catch that vision and work with you towards it is part of leading as a parent.

You have to stay committed to fulfilling the vision for that child, even when outside influences distract you. Your friends, your child’s friends, school, sports, TV, internet; are these things reinforcing the vision or distracting from it?

You have to constantly seek guidance to make decisions through prayer, other parents and even your own parents. Weeding through the information gathered and making the right decision that reinforces your vision is wisdom.

You have to be courageous and willing to make the decision that’s right for you and your child even if it ruffles the feathers other. Even if the “others” are your own children, your friends or even your family.

Since Brennan has come into our lives, I have been doing some reflecting as a parent. Having a girl is definitely out of my comfort zone and it’s made me think about things differently than I do with Ethan. I’m not perfect but I feel like I can interact, lead and model in a way that is easier for him to grasp than it will be for Brennan. I can relate to being a boy and can draw on past experiences of what did and didn’t work for me as I grew up and hopefully implement those in a way that is beneficial. Fortunately, I’m blessed with a beautiful and intelligent wife that can help guide me through the girl stuff. My prayer is that I can be a leader for both my children, not just a manager.

Are you Leading your children, or are you just good at procreation?


Stephen - you will be a wonderful father to Brennan! Just reading this post makes it so obvious that you want to go above and beyond for her, the same as you have done for Ethan!! Keep up the good work! We love you all!!

What more perfect role model for Brennan than Stephanie? You guys are wonderful parents & I appreciate your thoughts. I've been sneaking in some reading of that Father/Daughter book when Nathan's not looking. Good stuff...

Anonymous   says 10/02/2008 5:28 PM

Ok CUZ, you are by far one of the best Dad's i know. Just reading this as Jules said makes it clear how much you have changed and grown over the years. Donna read this post and she said..."WOW, this is NOT the same man who shot the gun into our front yard, is it?". She is so correct. I am proud to be your cuz and am proud of the man you have become, so quit stressin, with God and Steph on your side, how can you lose? Plus with Ethan the big bro watching out, she will be just fine. We will visit soon! Love you all!

Anonymous   says 10/02/2008 5:30 PM

Oops, wrong circle, the las tone was me, but i think you figured it out! :)

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