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So we got home yesterday and are getting settled in.  Stephanie's mom is staying with us this week which is a huge help and will definitely help us get things on track quicker.  We have had a bunch of visitors over the last couple of days to come and see Brennan.  My parents are on a cruise in Alaska that was booked long before we knew about Brennan and they are dying to get back to see her.  Until then, expect to see gratuitous amounts of Brennan pics here and on as they do have internet access and want to see the goings on with her.  Here is a slide show of pictures from day 2 through now and most of the visitors we have had.


Hey Chief, the pictures aren't showing up this time. Not sure if you need to make them public on Picasa or if there's something else going on.

The Public Demands More Brennan Pictures! :-)

...when you get a chance.

I had problems with the video last night, too - didn't work until this morning. Also had the same issue with the first Brennan slideshow. They are showing up now, though. She is so cute!!

I fixed the issue with the pics. Picasa wasn't saving the settings right for some reason.

Anonymous   says 9/30/2008 12:19 AM

Loved the slideshow. How about the next 50 pictures?
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