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I really like Tennessee. Everything is a little slower up here, I just wish I could work on a few things with these guys to really make it a perfect place. I like the slower pace on some aspects but dude, the speed limit says 45, try to keep up. 30 in a 45 is completely unacceptable. The country is beautiful here and the local park has the biggest playground I've ever seen called Kids Kingdom. It literally looks like a huge castle sprawled out over 1/2 and acre or so. Ethan loved it, we packed a lunch and went there to let the kids play this afternoon. They totally wore themselves out and napped for 3 hours after we got home, parks are awesome! This has been a great trip, we ate some of the best food ever for dinner tonight, all of it was cooked on the grill. I haven't eaten that much in a long time at one sitting. Ribs, pork chops, potato's and onions in foil, corn on the cobb and grilled squash, zucchini, mushrooms and peppers. I was so stuffed i thought I was going to pass out immediately following dinner. I've got to give some props to my mother in law, she always provides more food than we can ever eat and it is always excellent. So now, I'm sitting on the back porch in front of the fire pit, feeding wood into it, enjoying the full moon, starlit sky and mooing of the cows in the background. Man, I love it here.


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