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- We leave in the morning to head up to Steph's parents in Tennessee. Should be a fun time, I enjoy hanging out with her folks and Ethan loves playing with Papa and his cousin Evan. Disappointed I'm going to miss Joe teaching at church on Sunday but we've had this trip planned for a while. I inquired about moving it and we don't have any other time to do in the near future.

- I already can't wait to get back though, Monday will be my first official day at the church. I'm excited to get in there and start getting up to speed. My mind is in overdrive thinking about stuff.

- Steph is dropping me off downtown on the way back from TN so I can go see Megadeth. Yes, everyone knows I'm a metalhead. I've always loved this band, I started listening to them in 6th grade, no kidding. Back then Dave Mustaine was cool because he got kicked out of Metallica for being to crazy. Full circle, Dave announce in 2002 he had gotten saved and was no longer going to play certain songs live anymore since his views had changed. How cool is that! This show is going to rock!

- I jogged today for the first time in a long time. It was kind of accidental but I forgot until today that I used to enjoy it. We have been walking in the neighborhood after dinner the last few nights and Ethan drives his Gator with us while we walk. I took the safety off so he could go into second gear tonight and man that thing was fast, I had to jog to keep up with him. He thought it was hilarious to have me "chasing" him. Anyway, might be my new exercise plan, as long as we remember to keep the batteries charged.

- My crackberry is acting up and I can't seem to figure out why. I can receive messages but cannot send anything out from the device. I've got somebody working on it but no luck yet. It's really freakin me out, I'm having withdrawals. I'm carrying an old treo on another account so I can reply to emails, sad situation.


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