The Lowe tree massacre 2008  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

We have had some major tree problems for at least a year now and have been putting off getting it taken care of.  While we were in Daytona a smaller tree up on the hill actually fell over my fence and hit my neighbors house putting a small dent in his gutter.  He was very cool about it, I was bothered more than he was about it.  When our builder graded the lots for the houses in my neighborhood I think he let a drunk monkey run the bulldozer.  Every tree in my yard was either nicked or gouged to bad to survive, or had too much fill dirt put in around the base to try and level the yard that it choked out the roots.  I'm not the only one with this problem, you can see many dead trees near houses in my neighborhood now.  So we broke down and called in some experts to tag and bag the goners, and do a little Kevorkian magic on the few hanging on by a thread.  Check the pics below, click for full sized images.

Yard Pre-Massacre
102_1394 102_1395


During the Massacre
102_1396 102_1397


Yard Post-Massacre
102_1399 102_1400


We got a great company to do the work, if you need any trees cut give me a ring for a contact.  Hopefully the yard will get back to normal fairly quickly, the grass got hammered.  Not shown here are 2 trees we took out in the front yard as well.  I didn't count but I'm guessing we took 15-20 trees out total of varying sizes.  I only had 1 good size and 2 medium size trees in the fence that were healthy enough to leave.  Add to that 4 small dogwoods for a total of 7 trees left inside the fence.  I can't wait for fall, leaf duty will be so much easier.


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