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My passenger side seatbelt in my Yukon is broken. You can't pull the belt out the retracting mechanism. I rarely have other people riding with me so I forget about it until my wife gets in the car with me and promptly crawls over the center console to sit in the back seat where she can strap in. My 3 year old asked what was wrong with the seatbelt and we told him it was broken. In typical 3 year old style he asked, why? I told him it just happened, no real reason other than it was probably wore out. He accepted that answer and moved on but it stopped me. I commented to my wife there are a lot of people like that, broken, just plain wore out for no real reason.

I am a very technical, problem solving, analytical type of person. When something is broken, not only do I want to fix it, I want to find out what caused the problem in the first place and fix that as well so we don't have the same problem again. This works for most things, including people, unless you are dealing with the wore out factor. If an object wears out, you write it off and replace it. You can't write off and replace people. The problem is there are a lot of people that are just worn out, worn down, broken. No one thing or event has broken them that they can reference to keep it from happening again, no source to correct. The only thing I know of that can fix wore out people is Jesus.


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