Nascar Predictions  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

Everybody dogged Toyota when they started in the truck series in 2004, saying a foreign manufacturer could not compete in Nascar. Well guess what, Tod Bodine, driving a Toyota, won the truck series championship in 2006. 3 seasons, that's impressive. Toyota is a huge company with much deeper pockets and resources than any of the American manufacturers. They have a long history of racing in just about every series and area you can think of and they like to win, a lot.

In 2006 Toyota announced they would also compete in the Busch and Nextel Cup series starting with the 2007 season. They had a couple of smaller teams sign on to run and ended up with drivers finishing the series between 32nd and 44th place in the Cup series but they came in 2nd in the Busch series. Not a very good showing for Cup but very strong for Busch. 1st year in, could use improvement but not to shabby.

Last year when Joe Gibbs Racing announced they were switching from Chevrolet to Toyota I predicted Toyota would dominate the Cup and Nationwide (Busch) series. Bringing on JGR was a huge deal for Toyota. Having a seasoned, highly competitive, knowledgeable and most importantly, winning team come on board will propel Toyota to the front.

No, I'm not anti-American. I am a Tony Stewart fan. I also like the underdogs. Toyota is bringing it this year, watch out Detroit.


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