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I guess that's what I am now. Even after the outage that occured 2 days ago at the RIM NOC that took every BlackBerry users email down for most of the afternoon. Yes, it was frustrating but I took a minute to reflect and actually reply to this post from the official Palm Blog.

He makes a valid point about relying on third party providers for services. I pointed out in my reply to his post that the combined time that BlackBerry service has been interrupted is no where close to the amount of time I have spent rebooting and reconfiguring Palm based devices to make them work. Don't get me wrong, I love the direct to exchange model and am a huge fan of Palm devices, especially Windows Mobile based models. Unfortunately, from my experience thus far the devices themselves are no where near as reliable and functional as the BlackBerry offering. I can pick my BlackBerry up at any given time and not worry about whether or not a call will go through or find the OS locked up for who know how long and have multiple voice mails all of a sudden after a reboot because the phone wasn't working.

Love ya Palm! Bring me back.


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