I thought I could see fine  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

When I was in 3rd grade, the teacher noticed that I was having problems seeing the black board and let my parents know. It was no shock to them, my father is extremely nearsighted and had worn glasses most of his life so off to the eye doctor we went. As time progressed, my nearsightedness got worse and worse. My eyesight was so bad I had to have my glasses on to read a book 2 feet in front of my face. I turned 25 in March of 2000 and as sort of a birthday present to myself, I got Lasik surgery done. I can't describe what a life changing event that was. I went from being almost legally blind to being able to read the license plate on the neighbors car across the street in literally a couple of hours.
Fast forward 7 years. I can still see fine but my right eye, which was always the worse one is a little fuzzy. Not bad, but if I close my left eye I can't read the license plate a few car lengths ahead. My left eye is dang near perfect but I've noticed at dusk it is really hard for me to focus when driving. I am a computer guy and spend 95% of my time glued to my monitors at work and feel like I'm straining to see clearly and have been having frequent headaches in the afternoons. I'm no stranger to eye problems and knew what the problem was. I made an appointment at Pearl and now I'm back in glasses. WOW, what a difference. Luckily the prescription is very light and I don't wear them all the time because I don't have to. The main problem was my astigmatism, I've always had it and it is what will affect your low light focusing and computer eye strain. My eyes feel relaxed now when I'm working on the computer and there is a difference driving as well.
I looked through about 30 different frames to find something I liked, man glasses have gotten expensive! One of my business partners told me to get contacts, he wears them daily. I just don't see me doing that, it seems like a lot of extra work and I don't need them all the time either. Anyway, after 7 years away from glasses I'm back, I've already been called Poindexter and 4 eyes, ahh it brings back memories.


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