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Posted by Stephen Lowe

I originally started this page for it's intended use of blogging but it never really caught on for me. It turned into a place to test and learn things to help my wife with the blog she keeps up to date with Ethan news. Well apparently, there are people that subscribe to my blog. As crazy as that seems to me, someone must be interested in what I think. Whoever these people are must be very patient as my history of new entries is not very impressive and contain no relevant content for anyone. Now I feel compelled to spew my thoughts onto the web for all of you (that one guy) subscribers. Since discovering I have readers I began thinking about actually starting to post more and what could I post if I did. I think I have some ideas. Stay tuned faithful readers, you might be surprised!


Well, this reader is excited to see what happens with this blog. Blog away, dude!

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My name is Stephen Lowe. I'm a Christ follower, Husband, Father, Technologophile and Metalhead. This is where I dump my observations and opinions on whatever strikes me as noteworthy. Enjoy, discuss, disagree, I'm cool with whatever.

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