The Next Unwritten Chapter  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

So after just over a year of being on staff at Fusion, my time here has come to an end. Fusion is having to make some tough financial decisions given today's economic times and unfortunately, I am a casualty of that. The reality is, with so many people out of work and company cutbacks, there is less money to give and the church as a whole has to make adjustments accordingly. My experience at Fusion has been amazing and I wouldn't trade that time for anything else. I have learned more, been stretched and grown in areas I never would have been without being here. I love Fusion and wholeheartedly believe in the vision and mission of the church. I plan on still being here serving and volunteering as long as my job search does not force me to relocate. The staff at Fusion is amazing and it has been a great joy working with and getting to know them over this past year. I would like to thank all the folks at Fusion, especially the volunteers for their support and hard work over the past year. No matter what happens in the future, I will always consider Tony McCollum to be my Pastor as well as a friend for life.

I would appreciate your prayers in the coming weeks for me as well as my family as I enter a tough job market and seek employment. I am praying that God will not only provide a job but that he will place me where I can be most effective and still have impact for His kingdom. I am praying for provision for my family in the interim until I can find a full time position. I know this is just another step in the plan God has for my life. I trust Him fully to guide me through this and I am praying He reveals that plan and the way through it quickly. He always has and will continue to provide for me and my family.

Thank you Fusion!

UPDATE: Check out Pastor Tony's thoughts on this here


Thank you so much for your service, Stephen. You are very loved by your Fusion family. We really appreciate all of your work for us.

Brett and I are praying for you guys.

Praying for you and your family. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Anonymous   says 7/21/2009 7:12 AM

Hey Man,

Sarah and I are praying for you and your family. I know God has someting amazing planned for you. Thanks for all you've done!

yo i feel you bro. :)

i can tell you from experience that God's got this laid out as part of a great plan. so just hang on and get ready for the next turn.


Hey Stephen!

Dude, you are incredible. God has used you at Fusion, and He has used you to bless my life too.

Stay in the game man! God has carved you out for His team! This last year has given you invaluable experience as you've served in a great church with a phenomenal pastor.

Praying for you guys today!


This bums me out significantly.

You know how much we love you guys. You know you're in our prayers. I know He has a plan for you, just trust in Him. If we can do anything for you guys, let us know. Love You All. The Lowe's

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