I suck at blogging  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I haven't posted anything here in months other than the constant stream of twitter updates that automatically appear on the left. I am not recommitting to update more frequently or anything like that, just letting you know, I'm still here. I have some ideas for some posts and will hopefully be regurgitating them into written form over the next few weeks. The truth is I suck at blogging and twitter really fits my mode of operation much better with it's short, quick and to the point 140 character bursts. I wish all conversations were that short and direct :) Follow me on Twitter here http://www.twitter.com/slowethinking and check back here over the next few weeks for my few and far between longer ramblings. Thanks for tuning in.


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My name is Stephen Lowe. I'm a Christ follower, Husband, Father, Technologophile and Metalhead. This is where I dump my observations and opinions on whatever strikes me as noteworthy. Enjoy, discuss, disagree, I'm cool with whatever.

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