I'll never grow up  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I have a skateboard I keep at the office. I bought it for myself on a birthday a few years ago, maybe my 25th, I can't remember. I used to skate all the time when I was in middle and high school. I loved it. I broke my foot on a launch ramp and was back on the board the next day with a cast on my right leg. This week, while skateboarding at the office, I was able to ollie a 12 pack of coke and clear it by a full deck, land a few kick flips and am nailing pop shuvits like I was 13. My shins and upper ankles are beaten and bruised pretty badly but it was so worth it.

Tonight Ethan and I were playing in the basement and I remembered something me and my cousin used to do when we were little. It involves stairs, a cheap sleeping bag, a bruised rear end and a lot of laughter, but more than that it requires that you be young at heart.

Now that you are through laughing, what are you doing that keeps you young?


Oh, man...good times. We used to do that at my folks' house. On UNcarpeted stairs, no less! Lots of bruises, lots of laughs. Good times. Did E get a turn??

DUDE!! I so miss those days!! Like Jules said, did E get a turn? Man we wore those stairs out at our first house, head first in the dark was the best!!

Dude! I watched it twice! The laughter is priceless!

How's the business coming?

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