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Posted by Stephen Lowe

· Stephanie and I went to vote at the same time so we could tag team the kid wrangling. Much to our surprise, it took us all of 10 minutes to get in, vote and get out. God bless all of you that went and stood in line for hours to vote early. It made my experience so much better from years past.

· We’ve got some really cool stuff coming up at Fusion. It’s going to be crazy, I am very excited, you don’t want to miss it!

· Our current series “fresh” is amazing and is changing the way people think about their faith, very cool.

· Ethan is really getting into building stuff. He is digging LEGOs and we had a great time playing with my old Robotix toys. It’s cool to see him imagining and building, he comes up with crazy stuff every day.

· We had a great time on halloween trick or treating and enjoyed hanging out with our friends while the kids played afterwards. Ethan got to go as spiderman, Brenna was batgirl, Steph was a doctor and I went as bad santa.

· Brennan has been doing great, she is growing fast and challenging us in new ways that Ethan didn’t. She is pretty well behaved but has a much different personality than E, that’s for sure, follow along at BrennanLowe.com.

· I’ve been eyeing a new piece of “hardware”, I’m even considering selling or trading some existing inventory to make it happen, hmmmmm… decisions, decisions.

· I’m a full on Audible.com junkie now, I finished METAtropolis and it was a bit of a mind bender. Definitely caused me to think about some stuff in a new way.  Some of the technology discussed in the last novella of the book dowsnt seem that far away and the application was mind blowing.  $ permitting I will be listening to a lot more audio books.


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