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Posted by Stephen Lowe

We are on the Fusion Baby Meal Plan. Basically there is a sign up sheet that is sent around as your new baby approaches and various people from the church sign up to bring you a meal every other day for the 30 days following your new baby's arrival. This plan is brilliant as well as a big undertaking considering the number of pregnant women at Fusion. We were not at Fusion when we had Ethan so this is our first experience with the baby meal plan. We have been a part of potluck type dinners as well as other events that allowed us to sample the excellent cooking of Fusion, but never on a grand, recurring scale like this. So far the meals provided have been stellar. I love the variety so far. Everyone gets into kind of a rhythm of stuff they eat, even if it only rotates every couple of months. I am going to be asking for recipes when this is over so we can continue to cook some of these dishes and enjoy them again. Some of the highlights from the meals we've received already include; A Caribbean pork recipe that was so good I ate it for lunch and dinner for two additional days, it was unbelievable. A coffee cake that was so good it was breakfast by itself for days. Chicken and rice that had more flavor than imaginable, excellent. And, a beef stew and apple cobbler combo that makes me want to become a musician so I can write a song about them.

We are going to be so spoiled at the end of this. It has been such a blessing from the people of the church to supply these meals for us as we adjust to having a newborn in the house. Not having to worry about another meal is a huge relief for me and Stephanie. She wasn't really interested in eating my cooking anyway. I love my church and I love the lengths that they go to take care of people.


"And, a beef stew and apple cobbler combo that makes me want to become a musician so I can write a song about them."

This, my friend, is sheer poetry. :)

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