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Posted by Stephen Lowe

We have been planning the Beautiful series for a while and we kept talking about having a piano on stage for worship during the series. The more we looked into it, the more problematic and expensive it seemed. In a portable setting, how do you get a full sized piano in and out every week. First, pianos are heavy, really heavy. Second, after pianos are moved, they have to be tuned. Third, pianos, whether rented or bought are expensive. So we decided to look at digital pianos, they arent as heavy and don't require tuning when moved but they are still expensive. We came across a company that was converting old pianos to digital and selling them and thought, we could do that on the cheap and it might look good too. We found an old piano that needed restoration on craigslist, called around and found a good price on a good sounding keyboard, add some sweat and somebody who knows how to paint and bingo bango, we have a sweet looking baby grand piano that is easily transportable. Check out the picture timeline of the transformation. I'm sure this Baby will be popping up from time to time in future worship sets, Seth rocked it today and it was definitely a different vibe, very cool.

Thanks to Chad and Seth for the sweet find, transport and guidance, J. Lowe for shooting the paint, and especially Jason, he just rules. All of these guys worked really hard to make this happen this week on top of all of the other stuff going on getting ready for the Beautiful series.


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