New Gamer in the House  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

So I broke out all my old game consoles a couple of weeks ago (see here) and started playing some of the old stuff. I decided to let Ethan play super mario on NES to see if he liked it. Well he loved it but it took him a bit to figure out what the buttons did. Within a few days he made it all the way through the first level by himself, I was impressed! So we tried Grand Tourismo and while he liked it, he struggled with the car control. He really enjoyed the racing based games so I dug around to see what else I had we could race. I found Twisted Metal Black and popped that in and within minutes he had figured out how to drive all over. After a night or two of driving around and chasing each other I showed how to shoot the gun, now it's his favorite game and he has taken me out a number of times. It's cool to see him playing and being entertained by the games. I grew up playing games and can remember being 6 or 7 playing atari 2600 and I vividly remember getting my NES for my 13th birthday. It's crazy to think that Ethan is playing the same games on NES I played 20 years ago and enjoying them just as much and he is 3!. I think it's time for a wii.


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