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Just got back this afternoon from the first annual, (maybe bi-annual) deep sea fishing trip with the guys yesterday.  We drove down Wednesday evening and went out at 7am Thursday for what was supposed to be a 8 hour trip.  We cruised out into the deeper water and caught barracuda and king mackerel for most of the morning and afternoon. 


About the time our 8 hours was up the boat captain asked if we wanted to go catch some sharks.  Of course we did, so we headed back in (we were about 30 miles out), to find a shrimp boat.  Apparently sharks like shrimp boats because we were catching sharks about as fast as we could bait hooks and drag them in.  Those suckers put up a good fight too!  We hooked 5 or 6 sharks, we had 2 hooked at the same time at one point, and by them we were all dead tired anyway so we headed back to the dock.  While we were reeling in sharks, the boat captain cut all the fish into filets.  We didn't get back to the dock until after 5pm, 10 hours of fishing and being on the water, it was an awesome day. 


When we got back to the house we cooked up about 8 pounds of fish on the grill, it was amazing, we devoured every bit of it.  Check out all the pictures from the trip here.


Okay, that looks like it could be my kind of fishing. I'm not much for sitting on a dock with a pole in the water, but riding out on a big boat, catching sharks and barracuda sounds like a blast! And several of the coolest guys from our church were there, so that's a plus. I thought I saw Jeremy Densmore, Chris Vallee, Jason Smith, Chad McIlvenna, and Brendan Fatzinger were with you. Great crew! Glad y'all had fun.

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