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I used to have a boat, it must have been long enough ago to forget everything I knew about them. After fighting to crank the jet skis here I called the owner to find out if there were any tricks I should know. After he suggested I turn the gas on, it cranked, imagine that. Then I'm sitting here a few minutes ago and notice one of the jet skis is low in the water, that's never a good sign. After investigation I found I forgot to put the drain plugs in. Glad I found it now instead of finding a missing (sunken) ski in the morning. I think I've got my act together now and look forward to a great week here.
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Anonymous   says 6/26/2008 10:22 PM

Oh, no, Stephen!!
Surely, we can't detect any "old age" stuff creeping in!?!
It's hereditary you know!?!
Have lots of fun anyway!!
Love your blogs!!!
Mom & Dad

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