My rules of the road  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I've been doing a fair amount of highway driving over the past few weeks as I make my seemingly never ending weekly trek to Jacksonville.  I don't mind the drive, I actually enjoy it.  It's great quite time and I have been blowing through some great podcasts I wouldn't normally have time to listen to.  While I do have my share of driving infractions, it amazes me what I see other people doing, or not doing,  on the highway.  Here is a little quick guide of Do's and Don'ts for the highway.

Don't drive for 20 miles with your blinker on.  When I see people doing this I stay as far away as possible, it generally points to larger issues.  My train of thought is, if you don't notice the blinking light on the dash, there are probably a large number of other things around you going unnoticed as well.
Do accelerate to merge.  Here's a simple guide for accelerator pedal usage.  On ramp - On accelerator.  Off ramp - Off accelerator.  It's really hard to merge with 70 mph traffic with your foot on the brake pedal doing 40 mph.
Don't read while driving.  This one kills me.  I'm behind a guy in the left lane that is driving like he's had a few too many to drink.  When I finally pass him, he's got a freaking novel on the steering wheel.  Things happen fast when your traveling at 70-80 mph, you need all your attention on the road.  Besides, it's 2008, with books on CD,, and podcasting there is no excuse for this.
Do use the cruise control.  This always happens, I'm driving down the highway in light traffic with the cruise set at... cruising speed.  Guy behind me has been slowly creeping up my tail so when I have a chance I get over and let him by.  2 minutes later I'm crawling up his tail and have to go around him, I'm still set at cruising speed.  This will repeat many times over until I lose it and either hammer the gas to get away from the guy or slow way down to let him get away from me.  Almost every time I pass the guy when he's slowed down he's on the phone, I guess he feels the need to catch up after hanging up.  I think cruise control was invented in the 50's or something, it's not new fangled technology.  Not only does it keep your speed in check, it saves fuel, consider this my Green Initiative.
Don't go slow in the left lane.  Getting passed on the right is an indication you are in the wrong lane even though everyone going by is telling you you are number 1.
Do buckle up your kids.  I am astounded, baffled and pissed off every time I see this happening.
Don't text message or type emails on your phone while driving.  I have been guilty of this in the past, now I use Jott.  Problem solved, it's free.

You may see this post as a rant, I view it as a Public Service Announcement or highway etiquette training.  Spread the word, just think of the impact if everybody followed these simple rules.  Anybody else have some rules that should be added?


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