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Posted by Stephen Lowe

So I've been hearing the buzz and seeing a lot of other people doing it and have finally signed up for twitter. I keep hearing how cool this application is but I mostly hear about people competing to see who has the most followers. I read this blog post tonight and thought this was the coolest use of twitter I'd seen yet. WE ARE NOT CONSIDERING DOING THIS, I just thought it was a cool use of the product and it drove me over the edge to complete the signup process. I do not like the "I just ate a potato chip" posting aspect of twitter, don't expect that kind of crap from me. I do like the aspect of linking groups of people together for information sharing and keeping communities in touch. I am still a doubter, prove me wrong. Any fellow twitterers out there? What's the slang for your twitter ID? handle, address, username, screen name, twitname? I'm a twitter n00b but you can find me @slowethinking on twitter.


Thanks for the link to my blog. I'm curious why you use ALL CAPS to talk about how you are not considering what we did. Not for everyone for sure but, it has been a lot of fun for us and helpful in many ways. Peace.

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