Holding the Reigns  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

This is the start of a pretty crazy month. Pastor Tony is out on his study break this month and I'm in charge of keeping everything running smoothly. This shouldn't come as a shock or unexpected request, it's my job, I signed up for it. It's just a bit intimidating to do it solo, a month and a half in. On top of that I've got some things going on at my other gig that have me traveling a bit during June. Thankfully our staff is awesome and probably feel like they are keeping me in line most of the time anyway. I know I'm up to the task but would appreciate your prayers for the church and myself. Please be praying as well for Pastor Tony as he takes this much needed break and spends time seeking God's vision in extended study and prayer.


Stephen, you're the man for the job. I will be praying for you guys. But I KNOW you'll do a great job.

I second Angela's comment. I was very excited when I heard that you'd agreed to this role. I'll be praying for you and Tony and the church as well. I feel certain God's going to use our church (and you, Tony, and the rest of the staff's leadership of it) to do some amazing things!

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