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Posted by Stephen Lowe

"From The Almighty’s perspective, any diversion from the core mission of saving souls is probably time poorly spent." - Scott Adams

I pulled this from a blog post by Scott Adams on the Dilbert Blog title Gone with the Wind.  You can view the full post here.  He is making light of this story from the BBC about a priest who was trying to set a balloon record.  That quote is a very profound statement and should be our daily mantra to keep us focused on the task at hand.  In general, we tend to get sidetracked with things that are a "diversion from the core mission" constantly and it takes a lot of focus and drive to stay on course.  The most interesting thing about this post to me is that Scott Adams is a non-believer in every sense of the word, he questions everything and has no core beliefs.  Ironically, he seems to have a better handle on God's calling than some Christians do.


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