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Once again, a post revolving around this site. I love this site, it makes me laugh most of the time with posts like this or this and then BAM! You pull up Google reader one morning and get hit with this and realize how bad we suck at this. God should be the most heavily marketed thing going in my opinion. There is a quote from a marketing magazine in there that Jon breaks down so well to this, "If the church fails, we'll be able to fill the hole inside people with products." That is the scary truth of our society. I remember a Pastor at a conference say, "Nickelodeon is spending millions to market to our kids, why aren't we? Which message is more important?" Marketing isn't all about $. Point 2 in this post drives that home by defining marketing. Anytime you invite a friend or share your story or hand out an invite card, you're marketing. I think we have a lot of marketing majors in our church, let's market.


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