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We got totally hooked up with a room for our stay in Vegas. One of our vendors knows someone at Mandalay Bay and got us a 2 bedroom suite on the 60th (read penthouse level) floor for the same price as some of the crap rooms off the strip. Here is the view from the side of my bed looking down the strip. I can't wait to see it lit up tonight.

This is the room Clayton and I are staying in.

Here is the common area between rooms with the bar, bigscreen, sofas and table.

Here is a view of Jim's room, he looks out over the airport and pool. I like my view better but I have to share a room.

Check out their pool, it's like whitewater park. Wave pool and little hooch!

Here is another shot of our room, everyroom has a wall mounted plasma, including the bathroom!

Anyway, we are having a great time so far. I'll keep updating as time permits.


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