Holy Hunger  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

We started our fast at church yesterday. We were instructed to gorge ourselves at lunch after church as that would be our last real meal. I ate at Chili's for lunch and had steak fajitas with all the toppings, sweet tea and one of their insanely good chocolate shakes. The party is over now though. I had salad and green beans for dinner last night at my business partners birthday party. For breakfast today, I had a fuji apple, a peach and an orange. For lunch I just finished a salad and most of a can of field peas. I'm still starving. For me, fruit doesn't classify as a meal. No matter how much I eat, I still feel hungry. Veggies generally last a little longer, but not much. I'm hoping the peas will stick a little longer. Anybody else out there on the fast have any suggestions for something that's a little more filling? I think we are having potatoes and other heartier veggies for dinner, I'll let you know how that goes.

I will say this, every time I think about food in general, can I or can't I eat this, it's an immediate reminder of why we are doing the fast. It brings instant reflection on the meaning and causes you to stop, think and pray. Very powerful.


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