The Eggs have Dropped, God Rules!  

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The egg drop is done and it was AWESOME! It is always rewarding to see hard work and planning pay off in such a huge way.

With that said, I don't think there is any doubt in anyones mind that God's hand was just all over this thing. As I was driving down 985 this morning around 6am, praying like crazy, I actually had some hail hitting my car amidst the massive lightning strikes. My phone was lighting up like the strip in Vegas with calls from team leads. We got to the field, it was dark, cold, wet, scary, everything that says we should not be having this event. 15 minutes after arriving at the field, the rain began to soften. Another 10 minutes pass and the rain is basically stopped, you could see breaks in the clouds above. The Parks and Rec person arrived to make a determination about the use of the field and she basically said, go for it if your crazy enough. We started unloading around 7:30, around a half an hour behind schedule. By 8 I had my sunglasses on and it was beautiful out. I was running around yelling "Did you think we'd need our sunglasses today? This is Awesome!" The beauty of this whole situation was that due to the rain, baseball was canceled completely and soccer was delayed until noon. We had the entire park to ourselves! All of the issues we were worried about with parking and having to shuttle people over from another lot, Gone, we still had people parking in those lots but nothing like the numbers we thought. To put it in perspective, the park only gave us 329 parking spaces in the park to use. Once they canceled the other activities they let us use the rest of the lots, we now had around 1100 spaces. I think we had around 50 cars park at the other lot.

We completely jammed out the park, it was crazy when everybody went to leave. I was guessing we had between 2500-3000 people but the police officers we hired for the event told me after they directed traffic out of the park, they thought there was closer to 4000 people there. It took over an hour for the lots to clear. Get this though, at 1, the rain came back in and we had to rush to get everything back on the truck and trailers. Talk about timing, God always has a plan, you just have to trust in his timing, not what you think should be the right timing. I would have loved to have gotten up this morning and seen clear skies, but we would have had to contend with the baseball and soccer crowds. Had that happened, we would have been hosed, the shuttle bus thing was not working even for the 50 or so cars we had to get over.

I am humbled, amazed, and grateful. God rules!


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