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- Easter service at Fusion was awesome today. We had an early service for the volunteers and then everybody got busy getting ready for the main service. It was a very cool feel having 99% home folks there only. I think there was a feeling of freedom that may not normally happen when outsiders are present. I would love to have a worship only service on a Friday or Saturday night for the home folks to just go crazy, that would rule. The worship team killed it today and completely dominated "Running on Empty". It was cool to see Zach singing backup from the drum throne. As good as worship was, Tony was absolutely on it today with the message. Not only was he connecting with me, but I could tell he was on a roll and really getting in the groove with some of the visitors. I could really feel God working and there was such an incredible vibe in the room with everyone, really cool.

- Today was also my birthday. We had Steph's parents in town and the rest of her Dad's side of the family came over along with some friends from church and we did it up. Hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, kids running crazy in and out of the house, egg hunt in the back yard (I did no planning related to this but assigned Scott to distributing the eggs and told Nathan to get some music going), threw the football till my arm hurt, sat outside on my patio and shot the breeze for hours in the great weather, and just basically had a great time hanging out with everyone. I got a new stereo for my truck from my beautiful wife and a cool remote control Tony Stewart race car from Ethan. All in all, it was an awesome day.

- Yesterday was the last day of our fast at church so I got to eat meat today and I did not mess around. Ham biscuit for breakfast, hamburger and hotdog with chili for lunch and two hamburgers for dinner. I'm full and I still love meat.

- Cool to see this guy at service today. He's got a lot going on, I'll keep you in my prayers dude.

- Got this yesterday, NewSpring has their new Unleash site up here. Check it out, there are some cool picture up there but whether you went or not, the good stuff is here under the media link. You'll find the full sessions from Perry as well as detailed notes from all of the breakout sessions. Worth watching again and again and again, a ton of good material in there.

- We did our Egg Drop last week and thought we had a lot of people, Revolution Church did theirs yesterday and I can't even begin to describe it. Pastor Gary Lamb has some preliminary posts about it and promises more to come. I've heard some of the details but I can promise, you'll want to read it straight from the horses mouth when he gets it posted. I mean, 12000 people at the event and another 5000 outside trying to get in?!?!? I'm feeling it for this guy.


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