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Posted by Stephen Lowe

So today I actually got to venture out into, The World. It felt good to finally leave the quarantine area and get out for a bit. Unfortunately, Ethan has the flu and is still running a fever on and off. You'd never know he was sick, he has cabin fever so bad he is coming unglued. I think he has gotten more hyper over the past few days and it is really wearing on me and Steph. Hopefully he'll get well enough to get out and have an outlet for all that energy. It's not helping that the doctor heard a little wheeze and prescribed him an inhaler. Inhaler is another word for PCP, we'd be better off giving him a can of Redbull every 4 hours. Anyway, we can see the light at the end of tunnel and I go back to the office tomorrow. I was able to work from the house today and got a lot done so that helps. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers we have gotten.


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