Superbowl commercials  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

So far, the funniest commercial I've seen yet is the CarMax commercial that's based in a shipyard in the 1600 or 1700's. Here's the dialog.

Customer:"Where did you get all these ships? you've got some real creampuffs out there"
Salesman:"We have 1000's more to choose from across the country, you can browse these as well" (points to ships in bottles on the wall shelves)
Customer:"If I find the perfect ship at the far end of the world will you hold it for me until i can go pick it up?"
Salesman:"No sir, we will ship it to you"
Customer:(astounded)"You'll ship my ship?!"
Salesman:"We'll ship, your ship to any ShipMax in the entire flat world!"
Customer:"Are you shipping me?"

I lost it, that's too funny. May not be funny at all like this, when it shows up on youtube i'll post it.

UPDATE: Here it is, I'm still laughing at it.


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