Rolling Update  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

I’m on my way to the in-laws in Tennessee for the holiday weekend and thought I’d take a minute to write a few posts. I’ve been swamped at work and things have been crazy at the house, seems to be the norm nowadays. Hopefully things will be settling down at work at least, I finally got an IT manager hired and he started on Wednesday this week. He is a sharp guy and is getting things done quickly. It’s nice to finally see some of those to-do items not only move from my list to his, but actually start getting completed.

Personal time has been at a premium lately. Late summer is always a busy time for as we usually vacation then and I think everybody else's kid we know was born between July and October so it’s non-stop with birthday parties. Our church moved to new facilities and I was able to be as involved as possible but I always feel like I don’t have as much time as I’d like to dedicate to it.

All in all things are good, we’ve got a lot of changes coming in the next few months and I should be able to kick out a few more posts than I have been going forward. Thanks for reminding me of my lack of posts Tony.


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