What the .....?  

Posted by Stephen Lowe

So I'm having a great fathers day, we dedicated my son at church, my parents came we all went out to eat at P.F. Chang's, we hang out at some friends pool all evening and then the phone rings. An employee had stopped by the office and discovered my truck had gotten broken into over night. So we pack up and scoot up to the office and it's bad. The grabbed my stereo, satellite radio, an old wakeboard and my fishing poles. The stuff, I'll miss but the real bummer is the sheer volume of glass that is now sprinkled over the entire interior of my vehicle. I spent 2 hours last night with the shop vac trying to get it all up and the big chunks are gone but there is still a sparkling powder covering every horizontal surface. I managed to embed a piece in my hand driving home and had to literally dig it out, fun! So now I'm paranoid about having my kid in there, I guess I need to take it and have it detailed and wiped down all over to remove the dust. I was just shocked that it happened at all. We leave cars at the office all the time and have never had an issue. On the bright side, My truck is probably cleaner than it's been in a while.


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